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    20 August 2020 at 3:24 am #263

    Hello EA support team

    My config. is FIR Designer EX V1.48 and Lake V7.0 (Plugin and Fir3Modul is installed)
    The point:
    I can design a 2W module in FIR Designer-EX and load the LF Filter and HF Filter to the emptyFir3Way unlocked module.
    Loading the LF Filter in way 1, quite with a green check ok.
    Loading the HF Filter brings up error 2 and after refreshing a green check ok to.
    A control measuring of the 2w speaker shows me the right response for the LF way, but the HF way cuts of too early (5K instead of 15K) and the phase is not correct.
    Loading the same LF/HF filter Setup in a LAKE FX3 module works perfect and gives me important additional setup opportunities. But it’s a bit senseless to spend 3 of 4 Lake DSP cannels for a 2W Speaker Setup.
    -Can you give me a hint, where the Problem with the EA 3w csm File is?
    -And I wish (more important) that the Lake FX1 and FX 2 File also work together with FIR Designer EX.
    Please can you do this???

    Thanks for your answers