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    20 August 2020 at 10:30 am #264

    >> I can design a 2W module in FIR Designer-EX and load the LF Filter and HF Filter to the emptyFir3Way unlocked module.
    >> Loading the LF Filter in way 1, quite with a green check ok.
    >> Loading the HF Filter brings up error 2 and after refreshing a green check ok to.
    >> A control measuring of the 2w speaker shows me the right response for the LF way, but the HF way
    >> cuts of too early (5K instead of 15K) and the phase is not correct.

    The Lake FIR 3-way module has specific sample rate requirements for the output channels. It sounds like you might be using the same sample rate for LF and HF. The allowed combinations are 48|24|12 kHz or any combination of 24 and 12 kHz.

    When doing a 2-way design, it’s best to have 3 projects – one per output channel – and mute the 3rd channel.

    >> Loading the same LF/HF filter Setup in a LAKE FX3 module
    >> And I wish (more important) that the Lake FX1 and FX 2 File also work together with FIR Designer EX.

    I think you are referring to the Lake XP 1, 2, 3 and 4 way modules in Lake Controller 7.0. I’m surprised FIR Creator EX could load something into these. Whilst the internal Lake API might pass some data, we don’t actually support the XP modules from FIR Creator EX and FIR Designer; only from FIR Designer M. The modules are far more complex than the Lake FIR 3-way module and their multi-channel capabilities are more easily handled by FIR Designer M.

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