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    13 September 2021 at 1:33 pm #346

    Hi hulkss,

    I presume you’re referring to windowing like SMAART’s FTW or SysTune’s TFC? No we don’t provide anything like these at measurement import. FTW and TFC are assisted by time averaging during the measurement process. By the time a “measurement” gets to FIR Designer, we don’t have DUT and reference signals from which to calculate frequency varying windowed TF’s and then a time averaged TF. In theory we could implement a frequency varying window process at measurement import, however for non-lab situations (like measurements in auditoriums), it’s unclear how effective this would be, when compared to the SMAART or SysTune methods of performing this along with time averaging.

    We do provide fractional octave based frequency smoothing at measurement import. And in the “Auto Mag” and “Auto Phase” FIR tabs, there is the ability to use different fractional octave frequency smoothing in different frequency regions.

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