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    5 August 2022 at 7:47 am #528

    Hi Bob,

    We don’t have a reference. Here’s something (we posted on ProSoundWeb back in January) which may help.

    Re the actual averaging modes

    • Complex: This is full transfer function averaging. The phase of the cabinet is retained.
    • Power (flat, zero phase): This power averages the magnitude only and discards the phase.
    • Power (minimum phase): This power averages the magnitude only and discards the phase, then calculates the minimum phase response from the magnitude response. For a single driver in an anechoic chamber, the resulting phase should be very similar to the full Complex average. For a multi-way system with crossovers, this mode gives the cabinet phase response minus the additional or “excess” phase from crossovers.
    • Power (complex phase): This power averages the magnitude only then combines this mag with the phase from the Complex averaging mode.
    • Power (min. phase + Ref. excess phase): This is the same as the “Power (minimum phase)” mode but the excess phase from the Reference measurement is added in. (The Reference excess phase is the original phase minus the phase from a minimum-phase calculation from the Reference magnitude.) In a nutshell it’s calculating the excess or crossover related phase from the Reference measurement, then adding this crossover phase to a minimum-phase average of all the measurements.
    • Power (with complex avg. excess phase): The magnitude is a power average and the phase is the excess phase only. This could be useful for isolating excess or crossover related phase and only correcting this phase. We’re not aware of anyone using this but it was easy to calculate so we thought it worth including.

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