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    6 September 2022 at 6:51 am #553

    >> Unfortunately we experience Audio architect to not read the FIR (csv) file.
    >> Audio Architect gives the error message “An Incorrect Number of coefficients were entered.”
    >> Find attached csv file exported according to your instruction (897 samples) + the message from Audi architect.
    >> Can you test my attached file?

    It’s possible Crown have changed something and require a different number of coefficients. Either export the file again with fewer taps or edit the CSV file in a text editor to remove some lines. Repeat until the error message goes away. Note the last coefficients in the file are 0.0 anyway.

    From your screenshot, Audio Architect is reading the coefficients and displaying them. It’s just the Apply button that triggers the error message.

    (Your file loads correctly for us into “I-Tech HD series” and doesn’t give the error.)

    >> Some questions.
    >> In FIRd I have the sample rate set to 48kHz. Will this influence the exported coefficients?
    >> Maybe the DSP in Crown HD amp need to have the same?

    Changing the sample rate in FIR Designer will affect the values of the coefficients, but not the number of coefficients or taps.

    As so what sample rate to use, that’s a question for Crown. It’s most likely 48 kHz.

    EA Support