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    13 September 2023 at 8:27 pm #708

    Yes, generally speaking, IIR filters are minimum phase. However more importantly they are much more efficient at filtering, particularly at low frequencies where an equivalent FIR filter would require 1000’s of taps. I recommend you read:

    FIR Filter Guide

    >> If so, how am I supposed to differentiate them from mixed responses e.g. room responses?

    It depends on why you want to differentiate between minimum phase and mixed or non-minimum phase components.

    The FIR Creator workflow lets you do whatever you like. You can push the measurement towards target with only minimum phase filters (using the IIR, FIR Mag Adjust and FIR Auto Mag) or you can use additionally use the FIR Phase Adjust and FIR Auto Phase tabs to correct for non-minimum phase components. It’s completely up to you. We don’t advocate any particular method. We just provide the tools to enable you to try whatever approach you like.

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