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    31 May 2024 at 7:43 am #822

    The manufacturer of told me the following:
    The FIR filters in PRODIGY.MP are special filters with an additional recursive element.
    This allows us to achieve a higher frequency resolution in the lower range with a relatively short length.
    The price for this is that only minimal phase filters are possible, not linear phase ones.
    This certainly explains the CSV format, where only support frequencies and the associated level are specified.

    Thanks. So this tells me they are importing a magnitude response, as a CSV of frequency (Hz) and level (dB), and converting this into a minimum-phase filter response – with some of the filtering implemented using IIR filters (which are recursive) and some as a short FIR filter. This makes sense.

    Our (FIR Designer and FIR Creator) products can make arbitrary phase filters – i.e. they can be any combination of minimum-phase, linear-phase and maximum-phase – but the exported output is time domain FIR coefficients. Again, see the “FIR Filter Guide” referenced above.

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