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    7 June 2024 at 7:35 pm #829

    >> CL or XP modules support both types of PEQ.

    Yes, that’s correct, and so does the “Lake FIR 3-way” module. Every module has Mesa EQ on the front (which is PEQ1 in your screenshots), then IIR filters that are part of the core loudspeaker preset.

    >> However, when loading speaker presets, most of the left type classic PEQ tabs disappear
    >> and only the right type PEQ tabs (MESA EQ) are available in modules or groups.

    That’s because the loudspeaker manufacturer, who created the preset, has intentionally locked and hidden the IIR filtering (and delay, gain, polarity & crossovers) that form the core loudspeaker preset. They don’t want end-users adjusting the core preset, and so only the MESA EQ is available to users. For more details on how to lock and unlock modules, and how to hide and unhide EQ tabs, see the Lake Controller manual.

    >> Therefore, most users only use the right type of PEQ (or MESA EQ).

    Yes, and also because the this EQ is available in group EQ, which ultimately combines with the Mesa EQ for each loudspeaker module.

    >> If Lake Mesa supports the right type of modeling in Smaart Modeler, I hope
    >> your software can support it too. Is this possible?
    >> Isn’t it possible to apply MESA EQ emulation at least to the IIR filter?

    As you have shown in your screenshots, the Lake Mesa filters are completely different to regular IIR parametric filters. It’s not possible to translate and exactly match a Lake Mesa EQ response with IIR filters, with the limited number of IIR filter biquads available in any of the Lake modules.

    Like I said, in future we might provide Lake Mesa emulation in FIR Designer, but currently there is no easy way to send the Lake Mesa information to the module in the Lake Controller (along with all the other core preset information, including IIR filters, gain, polarity and delay).