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    10 July 2024 at 12:20 pm #839

    What I am looking for is using Eclipse Audio software to provide not just offline processing, but real-time measurement and processing too. As per the SMAART control example I referred to. Will your software ever be expanded to be able to make live measurements too?

    This is reliant on REW providing a realtime measurement streaming capability. We have no control of this. I’d suggest putting the question to REW. In the case of SMAART, they have a well documented realtime streaming API, which we connect to.

    <Optimised for what? what we hear? removing detrimental reflections? etc. Can you outline why their method is so useful and should be adopted by everyone? I’m not aware of their method being published, can you provide a reference to this literature please?>

    For this, I refer to you to Rational Acoustics. Their online SMAART user guide discusses some of these topics as well as their smoothing strategies, MTW and MTW+.

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