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    • 8 February 2022 at 4:43 pm #407

      From J
      >> I was trying to design some linear phase FIR EQ with FIRDesigner’s direct
      >> design mode, the aim is to compensate air absorption effect in long throw
      >> scenario of large-scale line arrays by boosting HF for typically 6dB or more.
      >> However this will inevitably cause the impulse response go over 100% and
      >> FIRDesigner is warning that Sample beyond ±1.0.
      >> Is there any problem with coefficients overflow and any solution to this?

      It depends on the processor and unfortunately we don’t have any information about FIR maximum sample values in any processors. Most processors (that load from formats other than WAV) appear to accept FIR filters with values beyond ±1.0. If the processor’s software doesn’t show the response of the loaded FIR filter, then the only have to know if there is a problem is to measure the output of the processor (using SMAART or similar) to see if the filtering matches what you expect.

      Note that WAV files can only contain samples in the range -1.0 to 1.0. We don’t recommending using WAV files to transfer FIR filters.

      EA Support

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