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    2 December 2021 at 12:46 pm #370


    I am using ALL active XO in XTA, 2 ways speaker, one driver in each output. So woofer and tweeter is in different output. I have no problem with the tweeter as it is easier and I can move it around with all pass filter but the woofer’s phase is difficult to get it at 0 and flat!

    Can you answer question 1? Do I need enable IIR HPF at 100hz? Do i need to turn on all eq before measurement? Or do i need to open all filter and only keep the eq?

    Also the measurement was taken from average of 6 measurements around my head in the seating position.

    These questions have a lot to do with FIR, such as 300hz overshoot and question 3. Please answer them.

    Thank you.