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    2 December 2021 at 5:02 pm #372


    Thanks for the feedback.

    The speaker is DIY, with all active xo in DSP, so in theory I can flatten the phase from around 200hz no problem

    I actually i have done it but not perfect in the 0 degree, it has some peaks and dips like the one in my screenshot.

    Yes about the 300hz overshoot, i was doing 48khz sample rate while the xta is native at 96k. Do i need to redo my measurement as well in 96k? I did all in 48K.

    I have 2 output per speaker, so I need to make fir filter per output; in this case per driver, then I need to match the phase degree with the other driver. It is not hard to do with the tweeter but the woofer is not easy as it has IIR HPF that will be aligned to multi subs as well.

    So let me get this correct:
    To measure XTA’s output 1 woofer: IIR HPF at 100hz is on with EQ + No filter for LPF (100hz-650hz)
    To measure XTA’s output 2 tweeter: No filter at all, all open + EQ (650hz-10000hz)

    are these correct? My goal is to use IIR HPF at 100hz + all linear phase filter (650-10000hz)

    Thank you.