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    2 February 2023 at 12:15 pm #619

    >> Thank you very much,
    >> One more thing. Something that would be an absolute game changer would be the
    >> ability to load polar data for given loudspeaker channels and then see the
    >> resultant polar coverage.
    >> Something like Vituix has however in combination with all of the functionality
    >> you have in FIR designer it would allow for extremely interesting control of the
    >> polar coverage of a loudspeaker.

    Take a look at the video on

    FIR Designer M 2.0 Release | New Features & Functionality

    There’s a Suppplementary Responses view that allows loading of measurements sets for each driver and plots both the driver processed responses and the combined response. Whilst it’s not presented in a contour graph, it does provide a means of checking the systemm response in different directions.

    We’ll add a contour plot to the ‘todo’ list.

    Best regars,
    EA Support