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    18 April 2023 at 5:43 pm #647


    I don’t know if this belongs here or in it’s own thread, it’s my first post.

    I tested FIR Designer M with Lake LM26 last night. (Lake Controller 7.1.2 with latest firmware)
    LM26 can’t load XP modules, but it can load the open FIR module provided with the Lake plugin from Eclipse.
    I got an error message when I tried to load the open module in module B saying I had to load it in module A.
    It loads in module A setting up LM26 as a 1 in/3 out processor.
    Got a error message on first attempt from Lake Controller where it couldn’t sync to the LM26 on first module load, Lake Controller insisted that the LM was a AVB(?) synced module. Solved this by restarting Lake Controller.
    I had made a 3-way design in FIR Designer M beforehand. This wouldn’t load into the Lake on first try, got a error message:
    Lake Controller error code 2.
    A invalid parameter was provided.

    I haven’t been able to track down this parameter.
    I have successfully loaded all 3 outputs in my design LM26 by loading them one at a time from a new, empty project. I can load any combination of 2 channels with settings + one empty channel simultaneously. If I load all the channels from my original design into a empty project I get the same error code when I try to transfer them at the same time.
    I believe I was able to transfer all 3 channels one time, but I wasn’t able to recreate it.

    So, what should I look at to solve this error so I can transfer 3 channels at the same time?
    Also, I noticed that I needed to trim delay time om two of the outputs. I was able to trim ch1 using FIR delay in samples under the export tab on ch1.
    It doesn’t seem to work on ch2. Is there another way to adjust delay time for outputs?
    Also, is there a way of making the LM behave as a 2 in/6 out with the FIR module from Eclipse?


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