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    17 November 2023 at 7:20 pm #739

    Hi there
    Can the software create FIR filters for BSS Blu 100? Are there any instructions how to load the filter into a Blu 100? Or does it work like the crown amps?

    Which license do I need. This is currently for a one time adjustment in a studio.

    Per the page

    FIR Capable Products

    BSS loads a FIR filter as a CSV file. From any of our products, select “CSV file (column, decimal)” as the export format.

    Open a BSS device in Audio Architect, drag a FIR filter block onto the workspace, load the CSV file into the block and wire the FIR block input and output to the device IO blocks.

    As to which product, it depends exactly what you’re going to do. FIR Creator or FIR Creator EX should be adequate.

    This page gives one example of how to generate a FIR filter a whole cabinet.

    FIR Filter Design for Loudspeaker Equalization

    Also I’d suggest downloading a demo of FIR Creator EX and taking a look at the preloaded example project.

    EA Support