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    • 24 May 2020 at 9:53 pm #155

      Dear filter accicionados

      For my undergrad thesis in audio and music technology, I am experimenting with digital filter implementations (IIR, FIR (both linear-phase and non-linear)) due to the current state, I don’t have access to a good environment for measuring my speakers and can’t get good lf measurements without lots of room influence. I was thinking of gating the measurements but am not sure if that’s the solution I want to go for so I did a nearfield measurement as well. one question that I have is, is the system gonna sound any good if I just offset the level difference alone or what can I do to improve it if I use the lf nearfield with the 1m distanced hf measurement?

      For the hf driver, I currently have set up four acoustic panels in the living room at an angle to minimise the first reflections with the mic 1m away.

      It’s a two-way system with no crossover in the box, I am using the MiniDSP 2x4hd as a DSP and the two drivers are hooked up straight to an amp.

      I provided the measurements and current state of my FIR Designer project (for the linear phase version) here if anyone is interested. They are low in level I am aware, the current setup is purely experimental and I am trying not to upset my neighbours too much.

      Any tips and tricks or links to papers are greatly appreciated.

      Thanks a million.

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