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    • 13 July 2022 at 9:13 pm #514

      From Han
      >> About FIR output sample rate , For example, my XTA processor, its working sample rate is
      >> 96khz, and does not support changing the sample rate, such as 48khz, So my question is,
      >> if I design a 96khz FIR filter in the FIR Designer, in the export page options, I definitely
      >> cannot select the 48Khz sample rate for export, because it will not match the sample rate
      >> of the XTA processor, Finally, I would like to ask in the FIR Designer, under what
      >> circumstances does FIR output sample rate use this function? As shown in the picture below,
      >> my original sampling rate is 96Khz. In the export page, why should I choose 48khz for export?
      >> Thanks

      The “FIR output sample rate” option is for some processors where the core – including delay and IIR filters – runs at one sample rate (such as 96 kHz) but the FIR filter support requires a different sample rate (such as 48 kHz). Linea Research is one example.

      With your XTA processor, check the manual or control software to see what FIR filter sample rates are supported. If the required FIR sample rate is something other than 96 kHz, then set the “FIR output sample rate” to that sample rate (while keeping the design sample rate set to 96 kHz).

      Also note that we don’t currently have a XTA IIR mode, but you may find that IIR filters in some of the existing modes do match the XTA IIR filter behaviour.

      Best regards,
      EA Support

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