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    • 22 August 2023 at 5:23 pm #686

      >> We have been using FIR Designer for many years now. We have created FIR
      >> using the same, but the filter created was at a 48Khz sampling rate. Now
      >> we want the same filter to be converted to a 96 kHz sampling rate. Can you
      >> guide us on the same?

      If you have the FIR Designer project file,
      – load the project,
      – change the ‘Design sample rate’ to 96 kHz,
      – on the “Export” tab, double the delay and length settings (in samples), and
      – export the filter. All done!

      If you don’t have the project file,
      – in FIR Designer start an empty project
      – load your 48 kHz filter on the Target tab
      – change the ‘Design sample rate’ to 96 kHz,
      – use the FIR tabs in the workflow to change the Import (which is just an impulse) to match the Target (the old filter)
      – the adjust delay and length settings on the “Export” tab and export the filter.

      Best regards,
      EA Support

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