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    • 22 March 2024 at 6:15 pm #790

      I want to design a custom steered array with 14 channels. Can I expand the maximum number of available channels to 14? (or even 11)?

      Sorry, no. Since you have a ‘FIR Designer M’ license, I assume you’re familiar with the workflow which focusses mostly on on-axis simulation with the option to load polar measurements (in the Supplementary Responses window) to show off-axis behaviour.

      To cater to your use case, we would probably need to implement a 2D or 3D simulation of interactions between all channels. That’s an interesting idea but something we don’t have the time for right now. Also, we don’t have any steering algorithms implemented: this is something we have ideas for and for which we regularly get requests, in the context of line array optimization, but again, it’s out of scope for us right now.

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      EA Support

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