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    • 7 March 2024 at 6:47 am #785

      We are willing to buy the FIR Designer but first I would like to ask you some questions:
      – We are using DFM Audio DSP inside our speakers and I want to know if you may have or can add the DFM IIR parameters to the software

      We would be happy to implement DFM IIR filter support. Please contact DFM and let them know your interest. I have requested IIR information from them in the past but they have not replied on this topic.

      Also, see

      DFM FIR Filters: How to load into DFM processors and amplifiers

      – We are not very experienced working with FIR filters. May you send us some documentation regarding the Windowing and the FIR basics of what to do and what to avoid?

      I suggest looking at all the videos and tutorials on

      FIR Filter Design Tutorials

      starting with the two overview videos.

      – Normally, the speaker manufacturers go for the FIR Designer or FIR Designer M?

      If you’re designing multi-way presets, then FIR Designer M. If most of your work is single channel or full bandwidth EQ, then FIR Designer.

      – If we have some question on our project and if we are doing it the right way, can you help us with it?

      Best regards,

      You can send us a FIR Designer project or FIR Designer M system and we can provide feedback.

      I suggest downloading the demo versions, which are preloaded with an example project or system, and experimenting with the workflow and settings.

      Best regards,
      EA Support

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