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    • 14 November 2023 at 9:45 pm #737

      Hey guys,

      Just a quick question.

      Is it possible to import files made by FIR Designer into DirecTout Prodigy.MP or Outline Newton? Including Phase Adjust?
      Atleast for the Prodigy there is a .csv import possibility.

      Would it be possible to get a 30 days or something version of FIR Designer to check this Import/Export Feature?



      We’re aware but not familiar with the DirectOut and Outline products. If CSV import is supported, then yes – filters from FIR Designer can be imported. For the Newton, let us know what you find with the user guide or their control software.

      No, we don’t provide short term licenses. If you know the maximum filter length supported, let us know what file format you need and we can send you an example to try.

      EA Support

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