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    • 18 May 2024 at 4:31 am #814

      I would like to be able to export IIR filters to Emotiva brand Preamp/Processors. I have an XMC-2 and will be upgrading it to an XMC-2+. There are 11 independent bands of full parametric equalization for EACH speaker in EACH of the two presets. That’s 88 filters per preset in my case.

      From the user manual: The Parametric EQ filter settings for the two manual speaker presets on the XMC-2 can be exported to and imported from a USB stick in the form of a set of XML files. These XML files may be used as a means of archiving your current filter settings, and as a way of exchanging these settings with third party applications that “understand” them (such as Room EQ Wizard). They will also enable the tech-savvy user to manually edit filter settings, and to copy filter settings from one channel or Speaker Preset to another.


      If you can send us XML examples and a specification, we can take a look.

      However almost everything processor brand has a unique interpretation of filter bandwidth or Q, and sometimes unique filter math. So what we usually do is implement a branded IIR emulation mode first, then implement the export formats.

      I suggest contacting Emotiva with a link to the following…

      FIR Designer Brand Integration

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      EA Support

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