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    • 28 April 2022 at 1:18 pm #467

      >> I have a rather old copy of Designer V1. Still running on my older
      >> MacBook Pro (which I recently upgraded from El Capitan to Mojave).
      >> However, I am migrating most of my applications to a newer Apple
      >> Silicon based MacBook Pro. So my question–will Designer V1 (presently
      >> V1.31.19 from what I can see) properly run on Apple Silicon machines?
      >> Would your newer software perhaps be optimized for Apple Silicon?
      >> Basically I am looking for some recommendations on this.
      >> Finally, I have looked at some of the comparison charts of your
      >> newer software–what would be a present equivalent to Designer V1?

      Our current products are compiled for Intel, not for M1, but most (if not all) Intel macOS apps run very fast on M1 using the “Rosetta 2” emulator.
      We only recently purchase a M1 mac and we’ll do some testing shortly.

      The M1 macs come with macOS Monterey. On Intel, FIR Designer 1 still runs here.

      Re comparisons, FIR Designer (now at version 3.x) does everything FIR Designer 1 does, and a lot more. FIR Creator and FIR Creator EX have limits on the number of filters and auto mag & phase bands, no Voicing tab and no measurement averaging – however our separate Averager product is now free. I’d suggest using the tables to compare the features, from FIR Designer 1, that you use the most.

      Best regards,
      EA Support

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