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    • 1 February 2024 at 2:41 am #770

      Hi! I’m a 4.0.2n user,

      Absolutely genius software, very happy with it!

      Thank you!

      After some months of tight use I have some questions.

      1. Can you make a selectable upper frequency for all graphs instead of fixed 20kHz? In some cases it is really needed to see the entire project response, according to the selected design sample rate, but not only to 20kHz.

      2. Can you extend filters and PEQ upper frequencies according to selected design sample rate but not only limited to 20kHz? There are a lot of tweeters that need precise control at much higher frequencies (ribbons, diamond, ceramics, AMT etc) so eventually 96 and 192kHz DSP sample rate is needed to be fully used.

      Yes, it’s possible; we’ve added these to the worklist but I can’t give an ETA. BTW the responses of parametrics and shelf filters near 20 kHz does extend higher when using high design sample rates like 96 kHz and 192 kHz.

      3. Preferences>General>Filter Definition>Q/BW – have a bug there. It is each time needed to change to BW from Q and back after the program starts to have an effect. Preselected “Q” doesn’t work without it, and still has a “BW” in the “Fir Magnitude Adjust” window until manually double changed in preferences.
      4. Some text errors in Preferences>Transform size section – “lengthof”, “maxumum” )

      Confirmed and noted. Thank you.

      5. All rolling down menus – filter types selections, etc – fastly opens and close up after first click and need to be double clicked or holding the mouse button pressed to select (works properly only first time). It is very inconvenient when work needs to be done fast because it takes a lot of time for double clicking. Can you make them simply open after the first click?

      Sorry, this is a limitation of the Qt GUI toolkit we used. We have tried to improve this but have not yet found a way.

      6. Can you add a Filter Reference Modes for XTA/MC2 and Analog Devices ADAU (Sigma Studio)? ADAU is veeeeery wide used now….

      We have had interactions with XTA but haven’t been able to get them to share their IIR functions. With AD, we have not been able to contact the right people. If you have contacts at both, point them to the following link and tell them to get in touch with us.

      FIR Designer Brand Integration

      7. Is there any chances to see direct Audiomatica CLIO measurement files support? (.crp)

      If you have a file spec and some example files, please email them to us.

      EA Support

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