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      I was trying to in the FIR Filter Design for Loudspeaker Equalization – tutorial but my posts are not appearing for some reason.

      I just want to make sure I’m grasping the EQ concepts involved in the optimization of this 2-way horn loudspeaker. Is it correct to assume that this loudspeaker is displaying non-minimum phase behavior around the crossover region when one looks at the 2-nd order all-pass response of its phase response? Can the phase adjustments being done around the crossover region, to flatten the phase response, be deemed to be “maximum phase” corrections seeing that we are inverting an all-pass response? Is the flattening of both the magnitude (EQ boosting) and phase response around the crossover region not going to introduce audible artifacts like pre-ringing? In other words, is the correction of the crossover all-pass response somehow an act of mitigating these artifacts to inaudible levels at the listening/measurement position? Can the same EQ concepts be readily applied in correcting the room transfer function displaying non-minimum phase characteristics at the listening/measurement position? The last question is asked taking into account that a spatial average of the room response will be used in the listening position.

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