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    • 14 July 2022 at 4:45 pm #515


      From Symetrix support

      Thanks for reaching out. While I’m not entirely sure why there is a discrepancy between the expected 8.3ms and the measured 1.56ms, I would maybe think that the 8.3ms is a max length? As in, your FIR designer at 512 taps expects to see up to 8.3ms of latency.

      Is this causing an issue with your Jupiter software or were you just curious as to why you’re getting lower latency than expected?

      Thank you!

      Technical Support Engineer

      Dear Support team
      Please load attached FIR (csv) file for Jupiter8. (Smaart measurment files also included)

      JUPITER-8 > Sound Reinforcement #9 > Import FIR file for Speaker voicing.

      I measured latency time from input to output for Jupiter8.
      Results are below.
      FIR ON latecy time 1.56ms from device Input to Output.
      FIR OFF Latency time 1.56ms

      According to FIR designer 512tab FIR filters latency is 8.3ms.
      Why Latency times are so short with Jupiter FIR processing?

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