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    • 5 February 2024 at 4:33 am #774

      Hi, I saw you have option of reading FIR setup from Monkey forest.

      We can load their measurement file format.

      I have some Four audio DSP and I would like to know if I buy your product and made whole system setup with included crossover, FIR or IIR, can I load it in Four audio DSP? Is your export file compatible with their protocol?

      We don’t have any information about Four audio. Since you have their DSP’s, I’d suggest you look over their user guides and software for references to import and export files, then let us know and we can look further. Almost all FIR capable DSP’s can load FIR filters from text files – which we can export. IIR filtering is more complicated. If their DSP’s can load raw IIR filter coefficients, then yes, will work. If their IIR filters are set from parameters – freq, BW/Q, gain, etc – then we need to know the specific math they use so that we can make a “Four audio” IIR mode in our software. See

      FIR Designer Brand Integration

      I didn’t notice that your software SpeakerMeasure with AES75 have option of loading correction curve or call it .TXT file of measurement microphone?

      That’s correct. SpeakerMeasure cannot currently load a microphone calibration file. Given the nature of the AES75 test, using a good quality measurement microphone – like an Earthworks – without a calibration file should be fine.

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