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  • 5 February 2022 at 6:17 am #404

    From N
    >> Is there some way to open an FIR filter (not FIR Creator project) in FIR
    >> Creator and observe its response on a loudspeaker measurement?

    Good question. Currently no, but it’s a great idea and something we should add to all our products.

    The only way I can think to maybe approximate this (if the FIR filter is not too detailed) is
    – open FIR Creator
    – on the Target tab, select “File” and load the FIR filter
    – uncheck “Mag only”
    – use the “Mag Adjust” and “Phase Adjust” to match the “Target.” (Don’t use Auto Mag and Auto Phase.)
    – load the loudspeaker measurement on the “Import” tab.
    – on the “Export” tab, check “Show FIR filtered loudspeaker”

    EA Support

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