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    • 27 December 2023 at 1:42 am #757

      Hello dear EA,
      I am trying using 48K sample rate, 512 or 256 tap length for my dsp machine,and measure the 12 inch line array speaker,only measure 1 pcs speaker.

      I wish I could get the target phase,no GAIN,IIR,Mag or other setting,only set the FIR Auto Phase,but when I use the fir to the dsp machine,it just not seen as the target.

      I am finding which part of my actions make this mistake:
      1. Measure in 4 m front of the speaker with smaart V9.

      2. ONLY FIR Auto Phase setting,from 300 to 20K Hz,I wish the phase close to 0°,but the fact is after useing the Fir date into my dsp machine,the phase not go as I think.It is what I doubt,and have not idea of the mistake of my actions.

      3.Export FIR Filter delay(I don’t know many is good to set),Filter length 256 or 512(it depend on my dsp meachine)

      If I have miss some actions to set,please teach me ,thank you.

      Best wishes,

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