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    • 16 August 2023 at 8:02 pm #683

      >> We bought the Design M a while ago, I’m currently using the
      >> IIR Reference Editor a bit.
      >> Quick question: Have you already measured the Lab.gruppen
      >> IPD/IPX amplifiers? I’m asking because it would be very
      >> convenient if one of the “catch all” categories (Legacy
      >> or Generic) would be fitting for those.
      >> Thanks for your help in advance!

      Glad the IIR reference editor is so useful. A tonne of work has gone into it.

      I don’t know about the IPD amps. We have an IPX amp but we don’t have the IIR filter equations to make an IIR mode. However the IPX can load raw biquad coefficients (calculate from any of the IIR modes in FIR Designer M) from our LPIF export format.

      On the system Export tab
      – press the Lab Gruppen button. The “Export to Lab Gruppen Amplifiers” window will open
      – next to the “Save” button, select either the system or individual outputs, then
      – press “Save” to export a LPIF file.

      In the IPX control software, import the LPIF to a channel. If importing a system LPIF file, the IPX software will prompt for one of the output channels.

      EA Support

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