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    • 13 December 2022 at 5:24 am #599

      >> Hi, i wanna ask about module DTP for lake?
      >> I see that 3 way and sapling must be different each output. And difficult
      >> to used for correction fullrange speaker passive.
      >> Can we get 1 way module DTP and 384Taps each output run 48k sampling.
      >> Thanks

      The Lake modules are made by Lab Gruppen, not Eclipse Audio. This is an inherent limitation of the Lake FIR 3-way module. The newer Lake XP modules can have any sample rate on any output.

      To use the Lake FIR 3-way module for full-range passive loudspeaker correction, set the channels to 48 kHz, 24 kHz and 12 kHz, and only use the 48 kHz channel.

      Best regards,
      EA Support

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