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    • 27 November 2022 at 6:43 am #595

      >> Hello, I was wondering if your FIR maker works with the LAKE Yamaha card. It is
      >> essentially a DLP (8×8 or 4×12) without the IO cards. It mounts in the Yamaha
      >> console and can be accessed using the console interface or AES breakout. The
      >> lake controller software supports it even though it is owned by uli behringer now.
      >> I have not dug into making FIRs and would like to mess with it but this is the only
      >> processor I have that “might” work. Is this data you produce anything like Gunness
      >> Focusing? Can you eliminate local reflections inside the speaker, such as horn squawk?

      ‘FIR Designer’ works with the Lake ‘FIR 3-way’ module. ‘FIR Designer M’ works with both the ‘Lake 3-way’ module and the ‘Lake XP’ 1, 2, 3 & 4-way modules. I’d suggest trying to set the MY8-Lake card to any of these modules. If the module is supported on the card – and please let us know – then our software should work with the module.

      My understanding of Gunness Focussing is that it incorporates a combination of horn modelling/simulation and horn measurements. Our software deals with measurements. Using the Averaging tab it’s possible to load a set of horn measurements, average the measurements using a variety of different modes, then use the average response in the filter design process. If the measurement set is comprehensive within the coverage angle of the horn, this process may address some internal horn reflections but we haven’t done experiments to validate this (nor had the time).

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      EA Support

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