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    • 29 May 2024 at 9:01 pm #818

      I’ve been trying out FIR Designer M for a while before using it on site for our systems. We work with Powersoft X series. I would like to know if there is a simple and quick IIR export method to Armonia+. In the “save IIR coefs”, there are no choices for .xml or .iqp, which are the only 2 formats read by Armonia for their Advanced EQ pages. For example, the Powersoft DTP works great to output to speaker level EQs, but for EQing advanced groups with IIRs, I still haven’t found a way (except manually inputting each filter which is too much of a hassle while on the field).

      Can you save an xml file from an EQ group and email it to us?

      Also, on the FIR Designer M Powersoft DTP window, there’s a drop-down to select “Speaker EQ” or “Output EQ”. What happens if you export for “Speaker EQ” and try importing this on a group? (Sorry, we don’t have much experience with Armonia.)

      Depending on what we find, we could add an XML export to the “IIR Filters” tab.

      Best regards,
      EA Support

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