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    • 5 January 2023 at 6:56 am #600

      >> Hello,
      >> I am in a little bit of a predicament that is causing me to look elsewhere than my usual paths.
      >> This is also creating other paths for my to think outside the usual “box”.
      >> I have a customer that had an installation done using a number of JBL Pro AC28
      >> loudspeakers that are set up in three pairs from front to rear of a sanctuary. They are
      >> all powered together on two channels of amplification hence there are no delays in the
      >> system which is causing some crucial intelligibility issues. I would like to install a
      >> Crown amplifier(DCi with processing) that could apply a channel of amplification to each
      >> speaker and take advantage of the available FIR Tunings. The issue is that I cannot lock
      >> down when I can actually take delivery of the proper amplifiers and enough of them to
      >> complete the system. (The system is also currently horribly underpowered)
      >> Our Harman rep has instructed on how to pull the coefficients out of the amplifier in the
      >> HiQnet software which I have been able to save into a .csv file. I then test loaded that
      >> file into a QSYS design which shows graphically, some very obvious differences.
      >> My question is this, can I backwards load that file into your software telling the software
      >> its from the Crown platform and then export with a set of coefficients matching another
      >> platform such as Linea, lake…
      >> I have some passive two way speakers here that I would like to test building some FIR tunings for.
      >> We have Lab Gruppen PLM10000Q available and some other DSP platforms I could utilize as well.
      >> Do I need to purchase the software in order to export the tunings or will the demo get me
      >> started until I better understand what I am doing ?

      Our software doesn’t currently support direct FIR conversion, however you can load a filter (to be copied) into the Target tab then use the subsequent FIR tabs to match the target. Depending on the original filter, this should get you very close (and maybe even an exact match) and the resulting filter can be exported in any/many formats for other platforms.

      You can use the demo versions to try the workflow but, without a license, you won’t be able to export.

      Best regards,
      EA Support

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