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    • 12 January 2022 at 12:41 am #396


      I´ve got a suggestion for future releases:
      It would be very handy to have a global button for disabling auto mag/phase (e.g. in the menu strip, next to supplementary responses and secondary view). I find myself readjusting my IIR Filters frequently in the design process. Whenever I do this, I have to manually disable the automag/-phase functions because of performance issues. This can be tedious, especially if I have split the auto mag into multiple ranges. I wish I could disable the auto-functions quickly, and then turn them back on if I´m done tweaking parameters.
      It would be very neat for my workflow.

      And while I´m at it: I would love to have shortcuts. Mainly for switching between channels and tabs. Also – if implemented – for automag/-phase disable 😉

      Thanks and keep up the very fine work!

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