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    • 13 May 2020 at 10:30 pm #141

      Howdy Eclipse Audio,

      Thanks for making this great piece of software.

      I’d like to request a feature to export the transfer functions as data. For each tab in the FIR Designer the transfer function of filter section + filtered loudspeaker is shown. It is often necessary to use these filters for other purposes (documentation, other software, measurement/simulation comparison). It would help tremendously if we could export these transfer functions as txt (or other format).

      It would be great to have frequency, magnitude and phase data with customisable resolution. Also option to mix layers of filtering (IIR, FIR, IIR+FIR) and include/exclude speaker responses would help.

      Can you give a hint if this is possible and if yes, then how big effort it would be to implement it? FIR Designer has been a great help to me not only to design FIR filters, but for IIR response prediction and export is a feature that could help to speed up the R&D a lot.

      Stay safe and greetings from Germany!

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