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  • 28 January 2022 at 6:24 am #400

    From FZ,

    >> all feature soft h FIR Creator EX are fine for me except this that I am in
    >> doubt / user defined target curve , where can I find further explanation on this ?
    >> – Two slop segments and Target Response file
    >> – LF shelf, unlimited slop segments, mag and phase filters and Target Response file

    With all our products you can define a magnitude target curve from slope segments and/or load a target response from a file. (Most loudspeaker measurement file formats can be loaded into the Target response.)

    With “FIR Designer” and “FIR Designer M,” the target curve can also be built from common magnitude and phase filter prototypes.

    I recommend downloading a demo of “FIR Creator EX”

    Demo FIR Software

    then taking a look at Target related aspects of some of our tutorials on

    FIR Filter Design Tutorials

    Start with the “FIR Designer 3 | Overview” video then take a look at the

    Loudspeaker Matching

    Designing FIR Crossover Filters for 2-Way Loudspeaker

    FIR Filter Design for Loudspeaker Equalization

    EA Support

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