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  • 24 July 2020 at 9:19 pm #239

    Thanks for checking the files.

    Wow.. I really just didn’t set it to float, thanks for your help.

    Regarding the filtering, thanks, I set it like that to export both IIR and FIR independently and, so they are interchangeable quickly 🙂

    I am glad it was an easy fix.

    22 July 2020 at 6:52 pm #236

    Yes, I exported it as; “Binary file (32 bit, float)” as stated in the guide.

    I am linking to my forum post that led me back here as a reference and for pictures as well.

    22 July 2020 at 2:08 am #234

    I have used this guide effectively but now I get errors importing the file from my miniDSP 2×4 HD
    saying there are many NaN coefficients and it can’t process it.

    What am I to do here?

    Thanks in advance

    12 June 2020 at 10:28 pm #172

    It’s all I was looking for 😀

    26 May 2020 at 2:37 am #158

    Dear EA Support,

    Thank you for your response, the tips will be chased down and Mr Tools’ book was found 🙂

    I have to say that the software package is just great and it’s flexibility greatly appreciated.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)