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    • 15 February 2024 at 2:42 pm #781

      I’ll email you directly. BTW what version do you currently have? The ‘new version available’ should provide a link, but there were some issues with this link approximately a year back, due to macOS changes.

      EA Support

        5 February 2024 at 6:15 am #777

        BTW What microphone is this calibration file for? Between 20 Hz and 20 kHz, the file has a range of approximately -17 dB to +10 dB, and with an approximately 15 dB jump just above 16 kHz. This seems way too much variation for a measurement microphone. I would expect something in the range of -3 to 3 dB, and with very minimal phase change.

        EA Support

          5 February 2024 at 5:20 am #776

          Thank you very much. We’ll look further into this.

          EA Support

            4 February 2024 at 11:59 am #773

            More on Analog Devices, the IIR tab of FIR Designer can export raw coefficients for all IIR filters to a summary txt file, and the raw coefficients can be entered in this block.


            Best regards,
            EA Support

              4 February 2024 at 9:58 am #772

              Regarding the dropdown menus, we checked the latest builds and they are all opening for a single click on both macOS and MS Windows. (We did some work on this a few years back.) Can you provide more details on where you are having to click more than once to open a dropdown?

              EA Support

                27 January 2024 at 7:31 pm #769

                Now fixed in 1.7.8, released today.

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                  27 January 2024 at 7:51 am #768

                  Thanks for letting us know. We see the problem in version 1.7.7. (1.7.6 and earlier are ok.) We’re working on this now.

                  EA Support

                    18 January 2024 at 2:30 pm #765

                    Our apologies. The help pages are no longer available from the app. (They weren’t being used by 99% of users and so we disabled them from the website but haven’t yet removed the selection from the app.)

                    To help understand the workflow:
                    – download the demo version and look at the preloaded system.
                    – on the tutorials page, take a look at the “FIR Designer 3.0 ..” and “FIR Designer M ..” videos.

                    FIR Filter Design Tutorials

                    Then if you have further questions, post them here on this forum.

                    Best regards,
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                      27 December 2023 at 7:31 am #758

                      Hi LangCheng,

                      Regarding (1), I don’t have any recommendations here. The measurement location is for the user to decide, to suite their application.

                      Regarding (2), if you’re goal is only phase correction, I suggest using both the manual ‘Phase Adjust’ tab and the ‘Auto Phase’ tabs. For an example, watch the ‘FIR Designer 3.0 Complete Overview’ video.

                      Phase correction down to 300 Hz can require a fairly long filter. Ignore 256 taps @ 48 kHz and start with at least 512 taps. To better understand the effect of length, read our white-paper at the following link. (Specifically, see Section 5.)

                      FIR Filter Guide

                      Regarding (3), the ‘FIR Filter Delay’ relates to time=0 reference when designing the FIR filter. For most FIR filter designs, it corresponds to the peak location of the FIR filter coefficients. Since you are phase correcting, you will likely need to set the delay greater than 0. How much depends on your filter design.

                      Again, watch the ‘FIR Designer 3 Overview’ video and read the white-paper. (Specifically, see Section 7.)

                      Best regards,
                      EA Support

                        15 December 2023 at 7:17 am #756

                        The “Save IIR Coefficients” function only saves the filters that are enabled, so my guess it that you only have one filter “On”.

                        Note that the save “FIR+Summary” on the export tab, export sub-tab does save all filters with a ENABLED or DISABLED annotation.

                        Best regards,
                        EA Support

                          13 December 2023 at 8:25 pm #750

                          We already replied to your questions at

                          How to export a FIR filter?

                            10 December 2023 at 8:15 pm #748

                            I understand IIR(biquad) filter changes gain and phase
                            all pass filter doesnt change amplutude, but phase changed.

                            That’s correct.

                            FIR(Finite impulse Response)filter, amplitude changes, but phase does not change.
                            with higher tap, create long delay.

                            That is not correct. A FIR filter can also change phase. (The FIR filter type you are describing is a “linear phase” filter which is subset of what FIR filters can do.) Take a look at the following guide; especially section 7.

                            FIR Filter Guide

                            I imported csv file into Symetrix, it looks like bunch of PEQ collection(IIR filter)

                            If the FIR filter response looks like a collection of PEQ’s, that is probably because you have used some PEQ’s on the “FIR Magnitude Adjust” tab, to make the FIR filter. The responses of all five “FIR..” tabs are combined to make the FIR filter. Please take a look at the two tutorials I mentioned in my first message (above).

                            Here is an example of a .._summary.txt file. It lists the filters from the “IIR Filters” tab, and basic information about the FIR filter file (which is saved separately).

                            Filename: /Users/<username>/Downloads/FIRfilter__SUMMARY.txt
                            Project: (none)
                            FIR Designer 2 version: 4.0.1
                            PROCESSOR SETTINGS
                            Sampling Rate: 48000 Hz
                            Gain: 0.000 dB
                            Flip Polarity / Invert: No
                            GPD Tab Delay: 0 samples, 0.000 milliseconds
                            IIR (Generic)
                            HPF_BUTTERWORTH, 100 Hz, Order 2, ENABLED
                            b0:0.9907866979404248 b1:-1.9815733958808497 b2:0.9907866979404248
                            a0:1.0000000000000000 a1:-1.9814885091445693 a2:0.9816582826171302
                            BAND_PASS, 364.529 Hz, BW 2.000 (Q 0.667), -6.162 dB, ENABLED
                            b0:0.9753337038790250 b1:-1.9007342759081824 b2:0.9275665093063239
                            a0:1.0000000000000000 a1:-1.9007342759081824 a2:0.9029002131853491
                            BAND_PASS, 3122.277 Hz, BW 0.863 (Q 1.647), -5.312 dB, ENABLED
                            b0:0.9340057741878747 b1:-1.5705317765303994 b2:0.7774914181148489
                            a0:1.0000000000000000 a1:-1.5705317765303994 a2:0.7114971923027236
                            HIGH_SHELF, 8384.027 Hz, BW 1.900 (Q 0.707), 3.612 dB, ENABLED
                            b0:1.2973957851235292 b1:-0.7856595921197735 b2:0.1733106061768412
                            a0:1.0000000000000000 a1:-0.4018695414139699 a2:0.0869163405945669
                            FIR FILTER
                            Sampling Rate: 48000 Hz
                            Filename: /Users/<username>/Downloads/FIRfilter.fdt
                            Length: 400 samples, 8.333 milliseconds
                            Delay: 200 samples, 4.167 milliseconds
                              21 November 2023 at 7:29 am #742

                              I just heard back from Lab Gruppen. The version of IPX Controller that supports LPIF import has been delayed but should be ready soon. (I don’t have an ETA.)

                              Best regards,
                              EA Support

                                21 November 2023 at 6:15 am #741

                                Hi Lukas,

                                I’m checking with Lab Gruppen and will reply again once we know more.

                                EA Support

                                  17 November 2023 at 7:20 pm #739

                                  Hi there
                                  Can the software create FIR filters for BSS Blu 100? Are there any instructions how to load the filter into a Blu 100? Or does it work like the crown amps?

                                  Which license do I need. This is currently for a one time adjustment in a studio.

                                  Per the page

                                  FIR Capable Products

                                  BSS loads a FIR filter as a CSV file. From any of our products, select “CSV file (column, decimal)” as the export format.

                                  Open a BSS device in Audio Architect, drag a FIR filter block onto the workspace, load the CSV file into the block and wire the FIR block input and output to the device IO blocks.

                                  As to which product, it depends exactly what you’re going to do. FIR Creator or FIR Creator EX should be adequate.

                                  This page gives one example of how to generate a FIR filter a whole cabinet.

                                  FIR Filter Design for Loudspeaker Equalization

                                  Also I’d suggest downloading a demo of FIR Creator EX and taking a look at the preloaded example project.

                                  EA Support

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